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“We at Blueprint Soccer have partnered with The Harris Brand for our College Soccer Camp and the feedback we received from the students and parents has been outstanding. The Harris Brand creates so much “possibility” in the minds of our students that many who did not even think the student athlete life could be for them perhaps truly is for them.

Student Athletes have an overwhelming amount of information to consider coupled with their focus and training in their sport—it is not easy. The Harris Brand makes it easy. This is such a great opportunity for our youth to feel confidant going into this process; feeling knowledgeable and prepared. What this group has been able to do for many of our youth is phenomenal and we will continue to partner with them for years to come.”

Andrew Seuradge

Sheridan College Head coach


Patrice Gheisar

Mens Soccer Coach

Instagram – @PatriceGheisar | Twitter – @Patrice421

“Coaching soccer is what I do. And sometimes helping multiple boys get to the next level on my own can be difficult at times. Partnering with a company that provides as many service as The Harris Brand helps me out tremendously. THB understands specifically what I need when it comes to my boys. They simply just get it.

They provide you with customize packages that suit your individual needs.

In my professional opinion, I recommend ALL college bound student athletes to check out what The Harris Brand has to offer. I promise you, you will not be disappointed.”

“I was indirectly blessed with the knowhow of THE HARRIS BRAND in my collegiate recruiting process through my older brother. He introduced me to the company as we were both trying to seek assistance with the process.

I thought playing on the best team in my respective age group would be enough, but I quickly realized that they needed some help when it came to getting to Post Secondary.

Through careful and detailed conversations with the representatives of The Harris Brand I was able to achieve my goal of playing at the esteemed college of Houston Baptist Athletics with my brother. A dream we both have had since as far back as we could remember –Dequan”


Tweet: @DQThomas12 |Insta: DQThomas12

“This type of service is a great tool for the rise of the Canadian athlete. The Harris brand provides exactly what may be missing with regards to a lack of education and confidence in the process of any student athlete who aspires to attain success at the amateur as well as the professional level.”

Shane Bascoe

Coach and Trainer

Twitter: @CoachShaneB

“The Dyer family would like to extend our gratitude and appreciation to The Harris Brand for all their guidance and support as we went through this major process in preparing for our son’s secondary education. Making the right decisions in school and knowing what to look for in a team, in coaches and in the soccer clubs proved to be a major part of Andre reaching his goal. “When our son Andre was ten years old his soccer coach told us, “Andre has scholarship potential”. That was great information for any parent to hear but the information stopped there.

So quickly the time came for our family to discuss and make the necessary plans for college or university in the states with the opportunity of seeking a soccer scholarship.
Some of the major obstacle we came across was to figure out the courses and GPA required to be a candidate to attend an American school.

Who would have thought the courses our son had taken in grade 10,11 and 12 could play such a large part in the possibility of attending a school in the states. We thought this would be easy since our son successfully graduated from high school.

This is where the Harris Brand Inc stepped into play and provided the assistance and direction needed to continue with our application. They explained courses that were missing and gave a breakdown of the GPA average required. Fortunate for us our son still had time to complete 2 required courses which as well boosted his overall average.

Once that step was ironed out we were then well on our way to visiting schools and being able to answer the questions that originally we would not have been prepared for.

At this time our son is now attending Drake University in Des Moines, Iowa, on a soccer scholarship and he is enjoying the school and his soccer teammates.

Again we applaud The Harris Brand on a job well done and we would tell anyone who is going through this difficult and frustrating process; If you’re looking for assistance whether it be big or small that Harris Brand Inc. is your immediate go to!! Never to soon to reach out! Lots of love.”

Raquelle and Andrew Dyer

Khalil Thomas

Twitter: @khalilThomas_12

“In a nutshell The Harris brand has become my second family. They are an organization that has blessed and enriched my life more than words can explain. The Harris Brand has been there for me throughout my whole recruiting process.

In our day and age being athletically talented is not necessarily enough, you need the support of those that have the resources and knowhow to get you in front of the right people at the right time to truly be successful. To be honest, if you are a Canadian athlete attempting to break into the prestigious American NCAA programs, THE HARRIS BRAND will definitely assist you with whatever it is you need to get you there. In my opinion, they will definitely give you the best opportunity to be a collegiate athlete as well as to help you navigate through the grueling academic side of the process. All you would need to do as an aspiring student athlete is to perform when the time comes.

Without any doubt, The Harris Brand is the go to company for ALL Canadian student athletes your Post Secondary and life needs. I can now say that my brother Dequan and I have both committed to Houston Baptist Athletics in Texas – Khalil”

Sherman Hamilton

NBA TV, Canada

As a former athlete I’m aware of the rigors and difficulties of navigating an athletic career while making sure my academic path remained a priority. Today there are so many elements for a athlete to navigate. Support, information and guidance are all necessities

I’ve known Bryan for over 25 years. The commitment, consistency and integrity that Bryan has displayed over the years has been admirable. The passion he brings to any arena he is involved in is clearly evident and contagious. The Harris Brand Management team, led by Bryan, will help develop young athletes both on and off their field of play and will give them the ability to grow and assess their career paths at every juncture. Thus giving them the information and knowledge they need to be an active part in their own success story.