The Harris Brand


The Harris Brand Inc. provides youth with an opportunity to be mentored by professional athletes, successful entertainment personalities and young professionals in order to help inspire them to achieve their goals. The Harris Brand Mentorship programs work with and targets youth ages 16-25.

Bryan Harris is devoted and committed with tremendous aspirations to enhance the lives of the youth in our community, through activities designed to ENGAGE, ENRICH, ENCOURAGE and EMPOWER the mind, body and spirit.

“Hard work, dedication and the willingness to win has and always will be my drive for success, so Lets build!“ – Bryan Harris

Mentoring Program

  • We will partner youth with young professionals, adults and senior members of the community.
  • Facilitate the transfer of wisdom, knowledge, and skill to the next generation.
  • Bridge the gap between the youth and the young professionals in our community.
  • Create the environment for One to One mentoring.

Six months of follow-up after the program completion to support youth to continue on their path to achieving goals within their respected sport and professional fields. Access to promotional materials and ongoing advocacy will be  available to all Harris Brand clientele moving forward.

Discovering You Program

Leveraging the athletic abilities of youth through various sports as a median, providing youth an alternative to a negative lifestyle.

  • Working with former athletes that have played post secondary or higher.
  • Proven success outside of the sporting industry.
  • Actively involved in community services – travelling from school to school/ community centers.
  • Keying in on the message: ‘We’ve become successful using what we’ve learnt from sports and applied it to our daily lives. Both professionally and personally’.
  • Using sports as a vehicle to network and make key connections.
  • Teaching the youth the importance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle.
  • Channeling ones aggressive behavior into a more positive and progressive one.
  • Participants will learn about drug abuse, nutrition and fitness.